‚Post-couture collective‘ at Vienna Biennale 2017’s Stadtfabrik

Picture above: Post-Couture Tankdress © post-couture collective

Today I met Martijn van Strien, founder of ‚the post-couture collective’ from the Netherlands. Martin graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven und developed a digital alternative to the fast-paced fashion industry. Designed on the principles of open-source, his clothes are sustainable and affordable.

Currently he takes part in the project ‚Stadtfabrik’ at Vienna Biennale and runs a makerspace at Museum of Applied Arts from 21-25 June 2017. He brought some finished pieces plus the affordable production means and is ready to explain his concept.

His post-couture is based on a digital design which can be realized via a laser cutter and certain non-woven types of fabric. Users get a file according to their size and specifications. After downloading it they can go to a local makerspace to create their own garment.

Thus there is no ecologically questionable transport needed. Furthermore the user doesn’t have to make only one stitch. The cuts are reduced to an unavoidable measure of connections and can be easily put together.

Post-couture collection consists of six basic models. Furthermore Martijn cooperates with fashion designers – as he already did with students of the famous Royal Academy in Antwerp. In Vienna he will cooperate with the designers of Meshit, Ida Steixner und Lena Krampf.

learn more: http://www.postcouture.cc/diy/


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