Migration by Bault

picture above: (c) Bault

On July 12th I met Bault, the street artist. He invited to his exhibition at Electric Avenue in the Museums Quartier Vienna (MQ). The exhibition was dedicated to the subject »migration« and showed his works from a one-month stay stay in Vienna where he was a guest of the MQ project »artists in residence«. He stressed that he had chosen the subject before his arrival in Vienna and that it was poetic and not political.

Bault Mosquitoes
(c) Bault Mosquitoes

When Bault works on paper, he mostly uses stencils combined with spray color. Fine details and outlines he adds with an acrylic pen. When he reproduces his motifs he uses silk printing. Typical for Bault’s iconic style is the extensive use of the colors blue and yellow.

In keeping with the subject of Migrants, the boat is a recurring motif. In retrospect it seems like a premonition, that he has began to draw mosquitoes before he arrived at his residence at MQ. After a short time in Vienna he had mosquito bites all over his arms. But that did not make him change his favorite motif … However he does not only paint mosquitoes.

His poetical approach gets explicit, e.g. in male portraits with wording like »Money comes to eat you alive« or »Don’t be no fool molding on to the things that hurt you most.«


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